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Jael observes the nature around us and recreates it in his spaces. Deeply inspired by the beauty surrounding us, Jael brings this inspired beauty into his stone work, creating spaces that bring the vastness of nature into focus so we can immerse ourselves in it.

Jael sees himself as a stone choreographer. The Haiku is a simple Japanese poem about a moment in nature in time. Jael's spaces invoke nature as well as time and create spaces for quiet reflection.

Jael got his start in his teens as an apprentice to a mason in Connecticut. After graduating from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Arts degree, he moved to the West coast.

In the early 90's he worked for a multi-million dollar a year landscape company in Boise, Idaho where he worked on high-end residential landscapes including ponds, waterfalls and patios. In 1992 he set out on his own and began to design and build landscapes.

Over the past 8 years he has moved back into stone work almost exclusively. he still has a love of plants and has gone throught the master gardener training program. Jael has clients in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, California, Nantucket Massachusetts and Maui Hawaii.


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